Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Procrastination Galore

Quizes make me procrastinate, I have one tomorrow and I have done almost zero preparation for it. I don't know, I think I'm at a point where I find the build up of stress and fear of the quiz to be exhilerating and so I continue to procrastinate :D! Guess I'm one of the few who get a buzz, stressing myself out for exams/quizes.

I hate Tuesday mornings, the trains are always horrendously over loaded. Impossible to sit and barely enough room to even stand. Hope tomorrow is better!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Without further adieu!

Welp, quite a bit of my past time is spent in a world of internet spaceships. It seems to be quite a complex game on the surface but after you've played it for awhile it really is quite simple. I began playing Eve in 2005, sucked in by the promises of hardcore pvp and the idea of griefing other players. However, my first impressions were quite dismal. The game has a somewhat deep learning curve and it really requires alot of time to get into it. Which led to me quiting after less than a week :<.

But eventually i returned to the world of eve, being attracted to the sandbox nature of the game. And this time I stayed and experienced the game as it should be played. I admit that it isn't a very newbie friendly game, however with encouragement from a few friends I'd met prior to eve I slowly progressed and learnt to be a somewhat decent player.

Primarily the game involves flying around in spaceships and exploring the the universe. There are different factions and different races, however once you choose a race you're not really limited to it.

The game doesn't have an experience bar, rather you train up levels of different skills which takes real life time to train and is based on a tiered system, it's pretty good for casual gamers. However that does mean that older players generally have more "skill points" and can fly bigger badder and better ships. BUT the developers (CCP) have done a fantastic job in balancing the ships so that it doesn't really take much time to get down to the nitty gritty of pvp.

Another cool aspect of the game is the fact that almost everything relies on a player built economy. This means that almost all the ships/modules/guns can and is built by the players. That's sounds pretty crazy right? Well because eve runs as 1 persistant universe, it means that there can be up to 50k players online at the same time on the same server as you. That really just boggles my mind :D.

But what really keeps me playing is the large coordinated fleet battles, and this albiet CGed video somewhat represents what this wonderful MMO is all about.


Alright well didn't expect to write as much, but the game deserves it :D. Anyway kidna been procrastinating a bit recently over blogging and doing uni work, so I did this megapost to try and motivate myself. Seems to be working tbh!

If anyone out there rides bikes recreationally, it is awesome! I went on a 2 hour ride along the Cooks River Cycleway from Croydon park on Sunday. It's really relaxing and just watching the scenery go by as you peddle kinda gives you time to think and enjoy the awesome weather!!

Ok wall of text complete, gonna watch some TV :>!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Amusing Tidbits

Yay! another venture into the world of blogging. I think this time, I'll go about it with a bit more conviction and try to keep it relatively up-to-date.

So to start of with, a simple introduction.
I strive to be awesome.
I can be obsessive compulsive (rarely).
I worship procrastination.
I enjoy internet spaceships (eve-online).
and I'm currently plodding along through uni.

Welp on wednesday I got a chance to check out some student exchange options, and after doing a tad of research and consulting with my ever supportive parents, I've decided to find out more and possibly give it a go! I need to get 4 preferences and currently I've got nyu and uc berkeley as two possible choices, and I'm considering other options in Europe or maybe even Japan (can test out my high-school japanese skills >_>).

Applied for a couple of jobs through uni as well, hopefully I'll get a call next week. I'll try and post an update on my eve-o experiences since that's what has been keeping me a little busy recently.