Friday, March 27, 2009

Amusing Tidbits

Yay! another venture into the world of blogging. I think this time, I'll go about it with a bit more conviction and try to keep it relatively up-to-date.

So to start of with, a simple introduction.
I strive to be awesome.
I can be obsessive compulsive (rarely).
I worship procrastination.
I enjoy internet spaceships (eve-online).
and I'm currently plodding along through uni.

Welp on wednesday I got a chance to check out some student exchange options, and after doing a tad of research and consulting with my ever supportive parents, I've decided to find out more and possibly give it a go! I need to get 4 preferences and currently I've got nyu and uc berkeley as two possible choices, and I'm considering other options in Europe or maybe even Japan (can test out my high-school japanese skills >_>).

Applied for a couple of jobs through uni as well, hopefully I'll get a call next week. I'll try and post an update on my eve-o experiences since that's what has been keeping me a little busy recently.

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