Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A pirate's life for me...

Easter holidays are made of win and stuffs. update on stuff done so far
- went fishing easter friday -> didn't catch anything ._.
- lots of food om nomnom on saturday with my cousins :D!
- sunday ended up being a drive up to wollongong (nan tien temple) and then kiama then back, topped off with a movie marathon (race to witch mountain, confessions of a shopaholic, bedtime stories) which i somehow managed to stay up for the entire time.

And currently planning a trip to blue mountains for a nice leisurely hike.

On that note, i've become a pirate on one of my characters on eve online netting my first kill with the new corporation today and you can follow my dirty little pirates adventure in the following link!


  1. arrrrr!!! It comforts/disturbs me to think that without me (and my credit card), you might never have gotten back onto the eve wagon. I deserve a share of your virtual booty!!

  2. Oh also, I said it today but still, YOU SUCK not visiting me in Kiama >:@