Friday, April 24, 2009


Fantastic day, caught up with a high school mate of mine Pat who I haven't seen for ages due to him being in "appear offline mode" and e-stalking people (HAH NOW EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR SECRET!), went to the usual movie/lunch + random.

miniMovie Review - The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas
Having been misled by Pat that this movie would have bundles of action and Daniel Craig, I entered the cinema totally expecting a Nazi-Germany film with muchos action and of course lots of Daniel Craig (ie. Defiance). To my initial disappointment, it was not the case and it was in fact a movie devoid of almost any action/fight sequences or scenes.
Fortunately, it did turn out to be quite an awesome movie with good acting overall by all involved, and quite an interesting storyline. However the movie was somewhat tainted by the abundance of English accents.
4/5 Highly recommended watch!

^ Ended up at Norita's and for you unasianified people out there, it's pretty much as it's described, a cafe where you can also play board-games. It's one of the most awesomest place to hang out with friends if you have a thing for board games :D.

We ended up playing UNO, and not suprisingly both of us had forgotten the rules to the game and we played a semi ad-hoc style of uno which just didn't feel right >_>. So moving right along, we decided to try something we both actually know how to play and that lead to the great game we all know as JENGA!

Our masterpiece D<

^normal pat! vs demonic FULL FOCUSED evil pat


^our tower of terror! this was the last pic taken, and pat lost right after this picture and thus I am crowned Jenga king!

Had a great time at Norita's would consider going again :D.

Word of the day: Numismatist - money/coin collector!


  1. Hahaha
    Of course, it's been about a month, it's just that any time away from me drags on forever :P

    I give Pyjamas 3.5/5, detracting an extra half point for stupid English accents. Would have been 4+ auf Deutsch.

    And you won that because of your flash!! Strange how photo 330 was missing >:D Jenga WAS awesomeness though.

    PS wow awesome blog popularity!

  2. PPS So, I'm evil, who cares? As a colleague once told my mother 'You are the daughter of Satan' and I'm the grandson of Satan.
    Satan = Doreen Ford (love you Grandma!)