Saturday, August 22, 2009


Welp, guess keeping a blog is really alot more difficult than I imagined. Hopefully I can redeem myself with this super duper mega awesome post.

Some updates, got a part time job working thur/fri 9-3. Pretty easy job, not really that challenging but pocket money is always good.

Uni this semester is looking to be a bit more challenging than the past, quite a bit more workload especially with fail lecturers and not so great tutors :<. Should manage, as long as I start keeping up with it all now.

Applied for a few internship positions for the end of the year, nothing to spectacular yet. So yeh powering ahead with a semi decent routine and having a blast catching up with friends/meeting new people whilst I'm at it :D!

Movies Seen

District 9 - 8.5/10
GI Joe: Rise of Cobra - 7/10
The Ugly Truth - 6.5/10
Red Cliff - 8/10

Movies I want to see
Inglorius Bastards
The taking of Pelham 123
Public Enemies

Books I've Read
The Way of Shadows - Night Angel Trilogy - Brent Weeks ~ 7.5/10

And for absolutely no reason I shall leave you with a greatness quote

To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them. ~ Charles de Montesquieu


  1. Lol gw. But only 7.5 for bookie? Not as good as red cliff?
    Lol you see all the best movies with me.
    And START GOING TO FREAKIN CLASSES MORON. Best way to cope with increased load.
    "Do as I say, not as I do." ~ Patrick Murray

  2. lol class is overrated >:D

    and epic fight scenes in red cliff *_*

  3. Lol :D See you need a) imagination, and b) a swift kick up the bum.
    Lol I am such a hypocrite of course, I never went to class. But I didn't want to SUCCEED in life :P

  4. Can I say, 'atratia' is NOT WORD VERIFICATION. It's random jumble of letters verification!
    (Neither's entormo!)